The Top 3 Alternative Platforms for Building a Ticketing Website When Shopify Is Not Your Taste

ticket selling website

It is unquestionable. Anchoring your ticket selling website on a reliable e-commerce platform or website builder is the beginning of your success. With this choice, your site will hardly go down. You will have adequate and dependable features to manage it. Also, your customization level will be effective. For long, Shopify stands out as the preferable option. Certainly, your pears area are using. But due to some reasons, you do not have a taste for this platform. Probably, you have a shoestring budget or want to try a new idea. However, your challenge is getting a platform where you can build a ticketing website that will boost your sales. You desire to sell tickets in large numbers. Well, Shopify is not the sole platform. Here are 3 alternative website building platforms you can use:


Are you having a free entry event? Whether you are charging attendants or not, it is essential to have adequate planning. You do not want to have an event where you expect 1000 customers, and instead, 2000 attend. If this happens, you will face a crisis. As such, issuing tickets even for free events is a good idea. TicketSource is a good option for you. This platform allows you to manage your ticket selling business. You pay zero charges for free events tickets and a small fee for paid ones. TicketSource has an easy interface which makes your web creation a walk in the park. So, you can consider it.


Like TicketSource, Eventbrite is a good platform for managing your paid and free events. It allows you to issue e-tickets for either event type. Also, the platform comes with SEO optimization capabilities. You can easily optimize your ticket selling website to ensure your targets will find it through the search engines. This way, you can sell a high number of tickets without investing much cash in sales and marketing. Apart from this, the platform is socially friendly. As such, it enables you to promote your tickets on Facebook and other leading social platforms.


Often, you may have a small event that you only need few attendants. Say, for example, a graduation ceremony that you need 250 or fewer attendants. If this is your case, TicketTailor can be a good idea. The platform allows you to sell a few tickets. Also, you pay a monthly flat rate of up to €19. However, there are complains of it experiencing a regular crash. So, it should only be your last option when the rest fails.